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The Boost API is based on RESTful principles and uses HTTP methods (POST, PUT, GET, PATCH, DELETE) to perform operations on resources. For example, to create a new Quote resource, you would send a POST request to the /quotes endpoint. The API format is based on the JSON:API specification and is an explicit format that allows for a high level of consistency in both requests and responses. A resource always has the same format regardless of whether that resource is a primary object or a related object or if it’s included in an API request or response.

The official JSON:API Specification website offers plenty of helpful information if you are a first time JSON:API user. Regardless of your familiarity with JSON:API here are some core conventions to be aware of as you explore our Platform:

  • The root object for a resource is always “data”.
  • The resource is separated into ”attributes” and “relationships”, where the “relationships” reference other, related objects.
  • In addition to the “data” object, a response or request may contain an “included” section. This means a response will contain other objects that are referenced in the main resource section. This prevents the need for initiating multiple API calls to perform a single conceptual function.

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