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The Boost sandbox environment is perfect when your development team is looking to understand the APIs in more depth or to begin integrating to sell a specific Insurance Product. To start building with Boost, submit a sandbox request and a member of our Growth Team will get back to you with next steps. If your team is looking to launch an existing Product, we will provide a reference environment. If you are interested in building a new Product not currently offered then Boost will provide access to a sandbox that’s similar. Once you sign with Boost as a Partner, the sandbox can be utilized to test new features.

After you request access to a sandbox environment, take a look at the baseline API Documentation. As part of Sandbox delivery, you will receive an additional set of API documents tailored to the specific Product(s) you selected.


Boost’s production environment is available to our signed distribution partners. Insurance is regulated at a state level and your ability to sell in each state is made available in Production as your appointments (defined later) are granted.

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